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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user .anon_user.logged_out . a little goofy looking (he was attractive to me, but objectively he was not a conventionally handsome man), and I got an enormous amount of flack for date hookup hook up tonite dating site for children.

That was awful, because this person made me so happy at the time, and was a really wonderful human being. And I don't always fall for conventionally attractive guys. we all have certain traits we are and are not attracted to. And he just said, "Meh, I like bigger women."It was so sweet because he was clearly lying.I don't have any insecurity issues and don't think anyone is "above" me dating wise, and in fact I've dated some people that most would consider very impressive both physically, intellectually, socially, and financially. There is always that one "thing" & I'm hooked. My girlfriends look at my choices & shake their heads. people need to learn to just mind their own dam business Op. My husband isn't the conventional attractive and I don't get as much flake but my husband is constantly being reminded as "jokes" by people. Not bc I don't think a muscular guy could like a bigger girl.Sadly, the guy ended up developing some issues with alcohol abuse and being verbally accusatory and unpleasant to me, a lot of which centered around the theme of him "knowing this was a fluke/I must be cheating on him because I could obviously do better" etc... His confidence was the thing I liked the most about him, but everyone's constant criticism just sort of ripped that out from under him. Thankfully he doesn't mind it too much but the looks we get (add that my husband has become extremely successful in the last three years) and you can imagine the perception that people get. I guess I just don't like the idea that people question the authenticity of my marriage. But bc I've seen his girlfriends before, and they're all smoking.I never nagged at him to lose weight, it was always about health and he approached me to help him do better but it eventually got so bad and our sex lives started to suffer and I couldn't deal with that.Now I'm not really interested in dating someone that isn't fit because I realized how much my life revolves around health/fitness.

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