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“When you change the way you behave on dates and learn to lead with your true self, your luck changes.Love is what happens when you share your deepest gifts with bravery and generosity.” Here’s how to apply the principles of mindfulness to the search for love: Set Your Intention Write a brief mission statement on why this journey matters to you, says Ken.In fact, there’s hardly a lion who’s pride hasn’t been guided by someone in the Forster family line.

And he has come to a blunt realization: “We’re victims of terrible information.

“I’d gotten that internal voice that says you’re not good enough, you can’t get what you want, you don’t deserve it to finally pipe down,” Juliet says.

When you’re ready to get started on your own love quest, Ken suggests this micro-meditation.

We’re told that the great secret to finding love is making yourself more desirable, more attractive.

But, in reality, that’s painful and self sabotaging because you’re focusing on what’s not good enough about yourself and that leads you to date from a place of profound insecurity.”A far better alternative, Ken says, is making the search for love a mindful undertaking, one that begins with self-acceptance and moves forward with openness and authenticity.

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D., a psychologist and the author of A Fine Romance: The Passage of Courtship from Meeting to Marriage.

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  1. It’s also helpful to be able to browse just Reverse Matches, which are members that are seeking someone like you, and Mutual Matches, which means you both meet one another’s criteria.