Dating rivera amplifiers

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Dating rivera amplifiers

My experience is that the drive channel can be coaxed from a second clean, ..with a different tonal quality [or use as a boost]..there is much you can achieve by your use of the 3 vol's...I can get mild, warm-verge-of-breakup ala Sco, to singing lead sounds think early Capton, or Carlton in full cry. I only use those names to give a kind of reference....My feeling is that in theory a good amp tech can diagnose any tonal issues and we can adjust what I can not. Still playing it now and it gets nice, clean, warm jazz tones.Otherwise it is a matter of "taste" and what you want at that time in your life. Sometimes, lousy tubes contribute to noise - very often. If I were to sell mine today, I would want to see a lot more than 5. The other guys have covered it pretty well already in this thread. Wildcat, best thing is to just try it out with your own guitar.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.I'd put up some clips but do not have the gear to make that possible. Loved that thing...master vol in those days .....19 mumble mumble...ha ...4 of the 10's were in the bottom half of the cab with the the other 4 in the top half slanting up at about head height.....could open that baby up and just scream......

The amp was very heavy to boot and took endless tweaking to get a passable sound. Wow I didn't see this one coming after all of the love for it. Sorry to hear about that Alain Jazz, but glad to hear you found a buyer.. Back when doing louder gigs I also used an extension cab, with a 15" JBL D-150 (I think that's right), that's a converted Fender 2x12 cab.

Ideally, I wanted that sound in a smaller, lighter package that, had channel switching, master volume and some other modern features, like an effects loop. It has two foot switchable channels (with separate EQ.) and foot switchable reverb.

Rivera era “Concerts” were built from 1982-1987, not to be confused with the later, non Rivera “Concert Amp”, circa 1993. The tube compliment is: 2, 6L6GCs, 5 12AX7s and two 12AT7s.

(The reverb and presence also work in clean mode.) The lead channel has volume (with pull channel switch, when not using the foot switch), gain, master, treble, mid (with pull mid boost that adds a lot of boost), bass, reverb and presence.

Then there is a standby switch and an on/off switch.

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] When I picked the amp up...was completely transformed into one of the best amps I've ever had the pleasure to own.

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