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As active social actors, adolescents may sift the information they give their parents by telling them what they want them to know and keep the remaining information to themselves.Communication and trust building in adolescent-parent interaction occurs within a web of many factors and contexts including the different degrees of knowledge that parents have about their adolescents (Soenens, Vansteenkiste, Luyckx & Goosens 2006), cohesion (Papini, Clark, Farmer & Micka 1990), relationship enjoyment (Laird, Petit, Bates, & Dodge 2003) and trust (Daddis & Randolph 2010).These factors are not self-exhaustive but do point to the bi-directional nature of adolescent-parent trust and their influence in negotiating the boundaries of privacy and disclosure.The process of building and sustaining adolescent-parent trust is a continuum and multidimensional in orientation and practice (Petronio & Durham 2008).Les relations amoureuses occupent une partie centrale de la vie des adolescents.

Given the challenges families face with the array of privacy concerns and prerogative negotiations, this study explores the meaning of dating, patterns, experiences of adolescents and how they navigate privacy boundaries in the disclosure or non-disclosure of their dating relationships to their parents.It is unclear, however, how this expansion of the personal domain is expressed in adolescents’ interpretations of more complex issues such as romantic involvement.A qualitative study on dating experiences and relationships among urban African American adolescents showed that differences in parents and peers norms, attitudes and values could create conflict and tensions for adolescents in negotiating dating activities (Sullivan et al., 2010).Cette étude a aussi permis d’établir que lorsque les parents soupçonnent leurs enfants adolescents d’avoir une relation amoureuse, car doutant de leur capacité à gérer leurs histoires amoureuses, la plupart de ces adolescents ne disent pas exactement la vérité sur le sujet.Dating relationships are issues over which both parents and adolescents claim jurisdiction (Smetana 2008).

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Parenting norms and values in a number of African communities tend towards autocracy with contestable prerogatives at the home front.

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