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Dating north face jackets

As its name suggests, a “face fabric” is the fabric that covers the outside of a jacket.

While a “Made in Italy” story and four-digit price tag may signal quality in suiting, for anything longer than a walk between subway stations, a 00 Fendi tech jacket is no better suited at keeping you warm than a Costco softshell around 1 percent its price.

The backbone of the global fashion industry, cotton is — surprise, surprise — rather common in outerwear.

It’s cheap, familiar, and readily dyed and cut, making it a frequent choice for aesthetic-oriented outerwear across the spectrum, from ASOS truckers to this Marc Jacobs field jacket.

From a style perspective, cotton is the most versatile face fabric: corduroy, flannel, denim, and duck canvas are all variations on cotton weaves. Cotton garments can absorb up to 27 times their weight in water, meaning prolonged dry-out times and clammy skin.

In addition, cotton fibers lose their insulating properties (i.e. Hanging up a soaked-through hoodie after spring rains is one thing; shivering under frozen canvas layers is a whole other animal.

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When it comes to capable natural face fabrics, wool is anything but sheepish.