Dating new departure hubs

Posted by / 16-May-2020 02:34

Dating new departure hubs

the Schwinn-Built "good looks" that every boy wants.

These hubs not only add strength to the wheel, but they add greatly to its appearance...

Rear Reflector: Stimsonite safety reflector, 1 3/4" diameter. Speed, beauty, strength and above all, safety- that's "Schwinn-Built"! There's the exclusive Spring Fork that smoothes out the bumps in the roughest road- the special Schwinn Speedometer in its exclusive built-in instrument panel housing-the twin headlights that cut a wide, white path in front of you for night-riding.

The rear stays are brought forward in a graceful sweeping are to the lower front bar just below the frame head, forming a load carrying truss between rear axle and forward loading point of the frame. The head and crank bearing are turned from the finest bar steel. " The ideal bike for those who desire the added advantages of the patented cantilever frame construction without the special equipment.

The combination of the Cantilever frame as double duty fork together with 105 or 120 gauge spokes, heavy duty tires and knockout hub makes an excetionally strange bicycle. Handlebar Stem: New Schwinn improved, fully chromium plated, guaranteed. It is the most beautiful tank ever put on a bicycle.

Handlebar Stem: Schwinn, double adjustment, genuine drop forging and steel tubing. Speedometer: New, accurate, dial electrically illiminated. Instrument panel handlebar brace: Housing the speedometer, horn button and dial illumintaing button. No finer bicycles are made - yet Schwinn-Built Bicycles cost little or no more than those built to ordinary standards.

Tank: New streamlined design, containing horn and battery tray. Handlebars: Chromium, all wiring concealed in handlebars. Dual Headlights: Chromium plated, powerful, better road lighting. Their design and equipment is the last word, meeting and then going beyond the modern rider's ideal of perfection.

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Side Stand: Convenient, non-rattlinh, improved appearance. Reflector: Famous Stimsonite 3" reflector in chromium plated housing on rear guard. And for riding comfort and safety there's the exclusive Schwinn Spring Fork, large-flange front hub and large-flange rear expander brake.