Dating methods used on otzi

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He also had several cuts in hands, wrist and chest.Influenced by the "Curse of Pharaohs" it was believed that Otzi mummy was cursed.

Tautavel Man Tautavel Man is an ancestor of Neanderthal man, was slightly different from his contemporaries living Asia and Africa.

Java Man Java man is an interesting discovery to note that the find was not a complete specimen, but consisted merely of a skullcap, a femur, and three teeth.

Many scientists of the day even suggested that Dubois' Java Man might have been the so-called "missing link Kennewick Man Kennewick Man is the name for the remains of a prehistoric man found on a bank of the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington, on July 28, 1996.

The theory was inspired by other discoveries such as Tollund Man and Lindow Man.

He would have suffered unusual blood loss with no treatment available.

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What are the other theories that try to describe who this man was? Amesbury Archer Amesbury Archer (or King of Stonehenge) is an early Bronze Age man, dating to around 2300 BC.