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I was privileged to have lived in the center of the capital of Uzbekistan where most of its diversity, both ethnic and religious, are situated. I wore flare jeans with colorful belts and turtlenecks. I remember them so clearly, like they’re tattooed in my brain.In short, we had no money but we were rich in cultural experiences and in close relationships with those very different from us. We moved to a suburb in north NJ as we already had some family and friends there, a support system. I had really, really long hair that I had never strengthened in my life. Most girls around me had straight hair, lighter skin, and wore Uggs. Maybe it was my vulnerability that inked them onto my memory, or maybe it was the shock at the underlying ignorance and lack of education about my culture that they revealed.Usually, I check off white or Asian, though I don’t quite identify as either.

I watched Russian TV, danced Russian dance; Russian pop culture was my pop culture and despite the fact that Uzbeks have their own music, TV, films, books, etc, I didn’t actively separate the two in my head. This doubly-landlocked country is located south of Russia and Kazakhstan and north of Turkmenistan in Central Asia.I lived in the center of the city in an old one-bedroom apartment with my parents, older sister, cat, and dog. A typical post-soviet Tashkent apartment for a typical lower-middle-class, young Uzbek family.I remember how cozy it was, though small, with floral print wallpaper that my sister and I had ripped off in some places and drew on in others. The apartment belonged to my late grandfather on my dad’s side.I don’t have the best memory, but I vividly remember a few things my American peers said to me when I first immigrated:“Are you a terrorist? You’re not a Barbie doll.”“Uzbekistan is in the Middle East, right? Either way, I’m writing this article to address to educate so that other kids will be spared of such demeaning questions and may be welcomed with more thoughtful ones instead.Central Asia is home to over 105 million people and five republics, yet we are not represented by a simple checkbox in any of the race/ethnicity identification questions I have ever encountered.

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Despite coming from a “blue-collar” family (or so to speak in American terms to describe our condition), I was incredibly privileged.