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Dating hindu friend friend

While he is inwardly glad she is growing, he discovers that there is depleting room for him, particularly at a time when he is coping with his daughter's absence.

Things come to a head when he overhears Lakshmi laughing with Steve, assumes the worst, and uses a convenient work-related excuse to move out for a few days.

Lakshmi is overwhelmed by this, and Prithvi is also angered, because he feels that Lakshmi has acted in haste and mishandled the situation. Amid this storm, Lakshmi seeks a shoulder in an internet chat room, where she meets a "mitr" (Sanskrit: friend), with whom she is gradually able to share her thoughts and feelings.

This connection yields another result: "mitr" points out that Lakshmi is too committed to her family to relax or be happy for herself.

Prithvi keeps his distance from these neighbors and all of Lakshmi's new friends.

He is chagrined that the new Lakshmi is no longer his doting, traditional wife: she is still affectionate, but has now learned the notions of space and tacit distance.

"Mitr, My Friend" is a film about the plight of women who sacrifice their life for the betterment of their family.

Holi, Diwali, movies, hanging out, whatever you’re looking for, Hindu Friends date is the ultimate singles community for Hindus.

Lakshmi is a typical South Indian girl from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu; Prithvi is a software engineer working in California.

After the wedding, they move to the USA where Lakshmi gradually tries to fit into her new surroundings.

The marriage is a happy union: Prithvi works hard at work, Lakshmi manages the home, and they grow to love one other deeply.

Within a year, they are blessed with a baby girl Divya (Preeti Vissa). Divya is a typical adolescent: she goes to school, plays soccer, and occasionally attends parties (not always with her parents' knowledge or permission).

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Lakshmi does not take to the partying very well, and tensions rise between mother and daughter.

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