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Dating gerstner tool boxes

I have several Kennedy's tool chests/rollers but have always liked the Gerstners but I am not willing to shell out what they want for one, especially since I'm handy and can build one myself.

Stashed away in the upstairs of my garage I have approximately 200 board feet of Black Cherry.

Gerstner & Son X (then a small # 12 lead penciled on by hand) Dayton, Ohio" Is this box a Model # 32? Regards, Ken Well, from the company's perspective, doing the research and administrative work to answer such questions probably does entail significant resources. They probably have made hundreds of different boxes since they have been in business. MSC doesn't even show Gerstner's boxes in their most recent catalog.

Co., both of Toronto Canada or Neslein Tool Cabinets, London England.I have some of my own and with the addition of his I have all this machinery and need to build something.My thought was to build a Gerstner-style tool chest.The inside back of the box is made from plywood by the looks of it but I'm not entirely sure of that however. I'm betting the is just to aggravate you enough so you'll go away and leave them alone. There are collectors and dealers that buy & sell Gerstner tool boxes. Now to get your, genuine, grade "A", bona fide, signed and dated owners certificate that costs .00 extra! That curly maple box shown on the gerstner website is mighty purty, not to mention the bubinga and rosewood 00 , a bit rich for my pocket.On the inside of the bottom panel in big block letters, stamped in black ink it reads: "Built by H. provenance makes a major difference in the value of any antique. I can't imagine anyone actually buying one for a toolbox. SGW, I think you're right on about Gerstner leaning towards the collector's niche market.

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It has ten drawers plus the center drawer for the (then)current "Machinery's Handbook". The box has one snap steel closure on each end and two on the front that appear to be probably nickel plated. That is the Gerstner's official Website where I first learned that I needed to send 25 bucks for them to answer the simpliest question.

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