Dating disston saws dating a fossil

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Dating disston saws

- Official website Online Reference of Disston Saws. Vintage Saws Library contains reprints of many references written by Pete Taran in The Fine Tool Journal on Disston saws and other saw related information. The Disstonian Institute: Online Reference of Disston Saws. Everything Saws, from Air Saws to Zero Clearance contains many links to sites both about Disston or selling their saws.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.There are 12 points per inch, which is consistent with the No. The medallion indicates the saw was made during the 1896-1917 period.The spine is stamped with the usual Disston & Sons logo of the period. I spent a good portion of my afternoon searching the net and came up nothing. I would like to learn how but I will have little free time in the next few months.

Sharpening The first decision in sharpening the saw was to determine how it should be sharpened.

Looks like the earliest the medallion could be is 1917. Then again it could have been a factory mix of Disston & Sons backs and Disston Phila medallions. I'm not fully versed in pattern making requirements, but my understanding that they had to saw into a lot of corners, hence the toe cut to an angle there.

It could also be a bone saw or one used by a butcher. Disston-01It strikes me that the medallion and the stamping on the back to not go together. The front also looks modified to act as a pattern maker's saw.

The following companies were acquired by Disston over the years: Johnson & Conaway 1857 P.

Their contact information is 6795 State Road, Philadelphia, PA 19135 USA, Ph: (215) 338-1200 or (800) 238-1007, Fax: (215) 338-7060. 227 - 229 for a complete listing of the Disstons and their tool manufacturing operations. Gunniss 1861 William Cresson 1862 Bringhurst & Verree 1866 James Turner 1867 Aaron Nichols Unknown Hill & Davenport 1868 Wm.

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