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Dating comminity belorus

Lukashenko continued a number of Soviet-era policies, such as state ownership of large sections of the economy.

I spent 5 days in Minsk and can't remember too much of the city (not many things really memorable).Belarus is also the last country in Europe using the death penalty.Belarus's Democracy Index rating is the lowest in Europe, the country is labelled as "not free" by Freedom House, as "repressed" in the Index of Economic Freedom, and is rated as by far the worst country for press freedom in Europe in the 2013–14 Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders, which ranks Belarus 157th out of 180 nations.Its major economic sectors are service industries and manufacturing.Until the 20th century, different states at various times controlled the lands of modern-day Belarus, including the Principality of Polotsk (11th to 14th centuries), the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Russian Empire.

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Belarus lost almost half of its territory to Poland after the Polish–Soviet War of 1919–1921.

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