Dating black guys in

Posted by / 02-May-2020 13:22

Dating black guys in

One thing that struck me about here when I moved here 20 years ago was how simultaneously diverse and segregated it is.

Very distinct communities live right next to each other.

and with the lower population of African American people in SF, i was wondering whether the dating pool would get pretty limited (if you only were able to stick to other African American women)I've heard SF is a pretty progressive place but even so, dating outside your race can be less about racism and sometimes just personal preference, and i was wondering how frequent you actually see it here, especially near the city.

So how often do you see black people dating outside their race here?

I really think it depends on where you live in the Bay Area.

I guess its kind of a natural thing that happens, and sometimes the dynamic of a relationship can change wildly if the other person's class is very different.

(like a high salary tech worker dating a low $/hr store worker), i think theres a lot more barriers to entry in those cases than it is with someone on the same class Great question.

Definitely a lot more diversity in the East Bay (Berkeley and Oakland especially) than, say, the Marina in SF.

Most interracial couples I know met on dating apps (could be said of most couples I know actually), but also a few met at work.

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You are right in that the city is very progressive. I'm open to all races and i've dated white and black people here in Georgia, so i'm glad its still an option here in SF.