Conversation history folder in outlook not updating speed dating norwich

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Conversation history folder in outlook not updating

e Discovery is an activity based on seeking answers to questions. The on-premises technology is now largely superseded by newer and more capable cloud-specific implementations in the Office 365 data governance framework. The two basic workloads, Exchange and Share Point, began adding compliance features in their 2010 on-premises versions.Skype for Business records the interaction between people in a conversation in a transcript format.You can find the transcripts in the Conversation History folder in the mailbox of each participant.The exception is for records for conversations in the General (default) channel as these do not include the channel name in the title.What is not so good is that if you want to find the original item in place within a channel, the information recorded in the item does not tell you the name of the channel.

In short, if an investigator wants to understand the ebb and flow of a conversation, they might have to search all channels in the team (manually) using the date and time of a found item to recover all the compliance records for the conversation and be able to see how a discussion developed.Instead, you get a number (like 1512994553582) generated by Teams.In fact, this number is the reply chain identifier and you can use it to find all the messages that make up a conversation.The difference between personal chats (labeled IM) and records for channel conversations is obvious.Compliance records for channel conversations include the team and channel name in titles.

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Teams therefore captures compliance records as a series of items, one for each contribution.