Consumating dating site

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Consumating dating site

Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad as Onika Tanya MIraj, 12/8/82 or 84.

The eighth of December is pretty interesting in the light of Minaj’s flirtation with possession and satanism.

John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman on 12/8/80. According to Minaj, her father drank, took drugs and tried to kill her mother by setting their house on fire.

“The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception” the day that Pope Pius the IX declared Mary to be sin free from her time in the womb onward is marked by 12/8 as well. Children/people often have to adapt to this kind of stress by compartmentalizing their personalities. Here again, we see the split between the Moon (Mother) and the Sun (Son).

Being Jewish was mostly a front for “The Candy Man.” Then there’s Sinead O’Connor, who had her own spat with the Catholic church, just as Minaj is having now. The ’84 birth date makes more sense than the 1982 date, since the Moon would be in Gemini opposed her Sag Sun. That opposition in Sun/Moon would manifest in the dark and personality splitting relationship between her father (Sun) and mother (Moon).

In the 60’s it was personified in music by the Beatles (Luciferian) and The Stones (Satanic). There is an attempt to break free from the gravity of this plane of existence through aspiring towards the lesser light. Here we have the heavy hand of Yahweh ready to smack us down. These two manifest also as Enki and Enlil in the “Epic Of Gilgemesh.” Enki, plays the role of Lucifer who loves his creation a little-too-much.The whole of the new age is built upon the foundation of this belief system. It is about being caged in the body for eternity–think about being trapped in form forever. Enlil doubles as Yaweh, the foreman of the planet who cracks down on humans when they get slack. One extols the virtues of rebellion in order to be free. No wonder we’ve been so fucked up for 5,000 years on.We’ve been torn asunder by two poles of extreme ideologies, by mostly-well-meaning if deeply flawed aliens on an extended mining mission. Here’s what I find really fascinating in the light of all this. The daughter of the Luciferian (light) madgewitch (Thanks Ellis) teams up with the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne (the prince of darkness), one of rock’s most notorious devils, founder of Black Sabbath. Lourdes just shaved the right side of her head, which in Islam is called the “Taqsir.” This is done as part of the last stage of pilgrimage.Minaj would later treat the world to a big, heaping slice of steaming crap disguised as devils food cake later in the show. Her demonic little fantasy starring her alter-ego, the tortured gay artist inside her, Roman Zolanski is really more like bad dinner theater.People are crying out that this is some sort of satanic send up and in some ways it is, but this is nothing more than the treacle of a spectacle. Its laughable and yet, its seven days after the more insidious half-time-rite from Indianapolis. Before we look at “Roman Holiday” let’s get a sense of Nicki Minaj, both from a historical perspective and a rather interesting astrological one.

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