Consolidating loans with different interest rates

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Consolidating loans with different interest rates

The federal government lowers your interest rate if you consolidate these during the grace period.However, you have to start making payments right after the consolidation is processed, so you should wait until near the end of the grace period so that you don't have to start making payments much sooner than you ordinarily would have.It’s also why student loan consolidation is such an attractive solution.

Some lenders do make it possible to reduce the interest rate by making direct payments or by qualifying for a reduction by making on-time payments over an extended period of time.You are left with one payment to one lender every month.The typical student borrower receives money from federal loan programs every semester in school.If the money you borrowed was all federal loans, you can find easier repayment options by applying for a Direct Consolidation Loan.If some or all of your student loans were from private lenders, you will have to use a refinancing program to achieve similar results.

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Consolidation is a way to make repaying student loans more manageable, and possibly less expensive.

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