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Consolidating credit card debt into a loan

The scheme leaves many borrowers with debts bigger than the value of their house.

A 2011 Finance Sector Union (FSU) survey that found 51% of bank staff had seen customers being steered towards a product they did not need.

The total charge for credit would be £423.02 and the total amount repayable would be £8,039.02.

If the cost of the proposed new arrangement is less than the existing one, it clearly makes sense to consider it.

'An offer of a credit card limit increase is just that - it's just an offer,' Munchenberg said.

In an exclusive Herald Sun interview, the Victorian bank insider revealed tricks staff use to get mortgage holders locked in a cycle of debt.

Paying less interest and fewer fees makes the idea of consolidating your credit card debt into your home loan attractive but you have to make sure you structure the consolidation in a way that doesn't end up costing you more.

As most home loans are for a period of 30 years and credit card debts are for the length of time that it takes you to pay it off you may end up paying more as you will be paying off your smaller debt for a longer period time.

The insider alleges that banks are pushing their staff to encourage customers to take on more debt despite them not being able to pay the debt back.

The banks are hoping customers spend up to their credit limit and then roll those debts back into their home loans.

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However, banks like NAB, ANZ, Commonwealth and Westpac said they were responsible lenders.

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