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Carbon dating radiation type

Tests like these on ancient Egyptian artefacts formed the basis for the calibration of the carbon dating method.But scholars are now coming to the realisation that the traditionally accepted Egyptian chronology was greatly in error, and needs shortening by hundreds of years.For examples, see the section ‘Other factors affecting carbon dating’ from Chapter 4 ‘What about carbon dating?’ of I highly recommend getting a copy of this book.However, this doesn’t mean that carbon-dating is any more reliable.Radioisotope dating relies on unprovable assumptions about the past, and unless we have reliable historical dates for objects, we cannot be certain that their calculated ages are accurate.A revolution in ancient chronology has been steadily building over the last decade, with a number of scholars publishing hard-to-refute evidence that traditional Egyptian chronologies are overextended by many hundreds of years.

There is evidence of changes in carbon isotope ratios from era to era, region to region, species to species, and even from one part of an individual organism to another part.This means that the radiocarbon clock can race ahead or seemingly stop for up to 5 centuries.As a result, raw radiocarbon dates sometimes diverge from real calendar years by hundreds or even thousands of years.Note that the ‘natural level’ in the graph above is assumed.In fact the atmospheric carbon system may never have been in equilibrium.

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Hello, I checked out the Department of Earth Sciences at Brock University and noticed that they offer a radiocarbon dating service.

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