Candidating for a church

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What is the pastor’s financial support package and the related matters of pension, health care, life insurance etc?

What are the arrangements you make for a parsonage or housing allowance?

The first step to this task is to determine if you need an interim pastor. To determine the level of grief in your church, ask questions like, The greater the grief, the more you will need an interim pastor.

Once you’ve completed that step, it’s time to assess the level of grief in your congregation. You also need to assess the level of conflict in your congregation.

Recent special speaker who visited your church (name and telephone number) Thank you for completing this application.

Others expect the senior pastor to “hire the staff.” How do you believe staff should be added to the church?What style of leadership typifies the desire of your church?What are the five biggest changes you would like to see happen in your church?Sometimes the pastor himself was at the heart of conflict and now people are choosing sides.The greater the conflict, the more you will need an interim pastor.

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The time of a pastor search can be an exciting time.