Bend oregon dating service

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Bend oregon dating service

The city, which was once just a little resort town in the desert, has added about 50,000 residents since the 1990s.And while the growth has been quick, Bend has handled it in stride, carving out a special niche for itself.Oregon has a reputation for liberalism — thanks, Eugene — but truthfully, it’s actually a fairly conservative state.

As the population tops 80,000 and housing prices continue to drop, Bend could be the next Silicon Valley. And even though the median age in Bend is under 40, the retirement population is sizable at over 12%.

The city earned the distinction thanks to its many off-leash dog areas, as well as pet-friendly businesses and establishments.

Those who love dining alongside their neighbor’s dachshunds will get a kick out of the perpetual presence of pets.

Beer gets top booze billing in Bend, but the proximity to the Willamette Valley means wine enthusiasts have plenty of Oregon-grown goodness to sip, too.

Just head to the Wine Shop (that’s really a place) and ask for the best local varietals.

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