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Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

For example with EVP sessions that indicate some kind of connection to the story behind the place that we’re investigating. The other exciting thing about some of these large scale cases is our experiments are also becoming more large scale.Our technology has become more advanced and we’ve done some things that are literally explosive.Yes it certainly seems as though it’s more planned on than it is on…Jael De Pardo: Exactly, exactly. Like when you’re in law enforcement with evidence there’s a chain of command.You log it, you make sure you know everyone who has it and what hands it gets past to because possibly that evidence could be used in court.We may never have to testify in court but if you want to be taken credibly I think you need to be as specific as you can without overkill in recording evidence so that somebody else who wants to research that particular phenomena or case can look at your reports and your evidence and there’s no guess work.How much time does it take for a particular episode?

Currently, there are no drastic rumors and controversy regarding her.From there, she majored in exhibit design and multimedia studies.Jael's modeling career began when she was only four years old.But that doesn’t mean that there’s not a paranormal aspect to it because some of the, in these coming episodes, some of the best replications also we uncover some of the best evidence supporting some paranormal activity going on at the location.So it kind of leaves you in a conundrum but maybe not that incident was paranormal but the place itself is. It’s interesting that we have been able to replicate some of these videos, but then it’s allowed us to peel down these layers that have actually added complexity to the case and made us even more perplexed about it and whether or not it could be real or not.

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And really exciting to be a part of even though you have to stand pretty far at a distance for safety purposes, but it’s really fun stuff to watch.