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It is frustrating not being able to see what is going on inside.

Calibre says you can inspect the elements in a browser after clicking "explode epub", but that seems to only show the source formatting, not the formatting embedded in the mobi. If you want to see the insides of a MOBI file there are many tools that can unpack MOBI. MOBI is based on a 20 year old dialect of HTML with proprietary extensions, have fun. There is no practical alternative but to redesign the typography for the Kindle, and to manually deal with each case where a character begins a speech in song or in verse (therefore needing indenting after the character name and any stage directions).

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What had started out to be just an afternoon of wandering around in the Colorado foothills was turning out to be an experience that was not pleasant at all.

The only way I can find to get an indent or hanging indent is using text-indent.I want to, no I need to, find out what is over that next hill or around that next turn in the road.If I look at a map and see all the nice freeways and byways that are designated as "Interstate" this and "Interstate" that, then boredom sets in and, yawning, I put the map away and choose some other route.Mobi's way of doing indents is to use the "width" attribute of a "" or "will produce a 1em hanging indent.If you want fine control over the appearance of the Mobi, you'd be better off using these Mobi attributes directly in your HTML source, rather than relying on CSS being "converted" the way that you assume it will be. CSS can be used in the input files to a program which creates Mobi books (such as Calibre), but it all ends up getting converted to attributes in the HTML tags, which is what Mobi uses.

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