Audrey and matthew sytycd dating

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Audrey and matthew sytycd dating

Then, the next week, the couples in the bottom three after the previous week’s performances, will have a chance to redeem themselves with a solo routine.

The judges will then decide which boy and which girl are eliminated.

There is just an elegance about him that’s intriguing while at the same time he leaves everyone in awe of his artistry on stage.

Last week SYTYCD took the top spot with the 18-49 demographic with it’s premiere episode, but will it keep on top of the ratings board now that it is moved to it’s regular Wednesday night time slot?

Nigel is really wondering if he is good enough to do other dances. Eliana Girard is very experienced, she has even done Cirque de Soleil and all at 20 years old!The first dancer up tonight is Alexa Anderson, she made it to the Green Mile last year, but was cut.Nigel is so impressed this time that he doesn’t even want to discuss it, he just wants her to go through to Vegas.Cole Horibe channels his martial arts in his dance routine. Jessee loved his presence and Mary thought his legs were like lightening. The circus comes to town with David Matz who performs with a big iron hoop, he’s magnificent, but can he dance without the hoop?Jessee also want to see him dance without the hoop, Mary loved it and calls him an artist; he’s moving on to choreography.

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