Ashley is dating lance armstrong

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At the time, she was 21 years old and he was age 36.

But this marked difference in age supposedly had Livestrong Foundation chief John Korioth chasing after Lance because he was afraid that dating Olsen could “damage his cancer work.” Korioth is claimed to have said, “Whoa, dude, bad idea.

He was also linked to actress Ashley Olsen — who is 15 years his junior — and fashion designer, Tory Burch.

The athlete popped the question to Hansen in 2017 and made the announcement on his Instagram account on May 23.

Hansen is from Colorado, and graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Biology.

All children should have access to a great education, regardless of their race, or the zip code they live in,” she captioned the photo.

On December 28, 2014, police records show that Armstrong committed a hit-and-run where he hit two parked cars after a night of partying in Aspen, Colorado.

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According to USA Today, he paid $238.50 to cover court fees and a $150 traffic fine.