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Ted Kennedy's seat, led to intense media coverage of the issue and, in particular, male victims.

RAINN spokesperson Katherine Hull appeared on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer and Good Morning America and spoke about male survivors: "Sexual assault and sexual abuse victims, in particular male victims, often feel intense feelings of guilt and shame and fear." Brown's disclosure is expected to lead many men to reach out for help for the first time.

spoilers show it’s the endgame for Nelle Benson as Chloe Lanier filmed her last scenes. This aligns with sources on Twitter that report Miss Lanier taped her last episode this past Monday.

That means it’s the countdown to Nelle’s fate revealed with three to four weeks left on the show.#Behindthe Scenes: @chloelanier and @josh_swickard rehearse for today's intense Nelle / Chase scenes during an afternoon break.

"Hearing someone as prominent and respected as Sen.

Brown talk about his own assault will make it easier for other men to ask for help," said Jennifer Marsh, director of RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotlines.

But it's been one of the best things I've ever done.

I'm helping to change people's lives." — Eugene Brooks, RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Read More Access Hollywood "Our thoughts are with Lara and her family during this difficult time. It's without a doubt that she will be an inspiration to countless others as they recover from this devastating crime." — Katherine Hull, RAINN spokesperson, on the sexual assault of CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo TV Guide "We're doing all the proper research and handling the aftermath as responsibly as possible.

Strickland recently joined RAINN's National Leadership Council and is helping the organization educate the public and pass crucial new federal legislation such as the SAFER Act."The importance of RAINN is beyond words," says soul and R&B artist Betty Wright.That's why she decided to use her 2011 Grammy-nominated song, "Go! "RAINN is an advocate for those victims who are sexually abused.About one out of every ten sexual assault victims are male, and more than three million men have been sexually assaulted, according to Justice Department statistics.The revelation by Brown, elected last year to fill Sen.

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