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They’d lie and say it was their sister, their cousin…" During a conjugal visit, people are permitted to engage in sexual activity -- but mostly, it's actually meant for family time: chatting in a non-prison setting, offering some semblance of a normal life in order to keep the integrity of a family unit together.

These visits are intended to incentivize prisoners to comply with prison rules, be on best behavior, and have a higher chance of success upon re-entry to civilization. "A lot of moms would come," Ryan said, "a lot of parents, a lot of kids." In Connecticut, there actually has to be more than one visitor -- a spouse or partner is required to visit with the inmate's kid in tow.

"It’s not like they can just do it," Ryan said of prisoners seeking to host conjugal visits.

"There's a waiting list, and they know well in advance [when they're scheduled].

"At Green Haven there were three trailers next to the main facilities inside the wall," Ryan said.

"Each trailer was cut in half so they would have six visits at a time.

"There are kitchens in there, just like a regular trailer," Ryan said.In Washington, if two inmates are related they can schedule a mutual visit with civilian family members.And actually, only 48% of conjugal visits in New York in 2014 were with spouses.Conjugal visits are held in rooms, trailers, and cabins -- many of which are stocked with things like condoms, linens, and soap, and have up to two bedrooms so kids can visit as well.Living areas are further furnished with board games, cards, or dominoes.

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"People can bring in food, there's a TV, Play Station, a little playground area for the kids." It's kind of like playing house for a couple of days -- Ryan remembers visits being two days, but at prisons elsewhere, conjugal visits can be from 24 hours to three days.