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The family of Imaemon Imaizumi was commissioned to apply the overglaze enamels.Since the Meiji era the family has done the whole production process.The pottery in this area of Kyushu is all intertwined.Historically (before present day prefectures) this area of Kyushu was called Hizen.The marks were hand painted back then so there is a bit more variety in the marks.There are some lovely examples at Iro Nabeshima, in the Edo period was only made for the Lords. This is the style of painting that has children in play, usually chasing butterflies. It is said that this style of porcelain painting "Karako" meaning Chinese child or children was produced for three levels of social status.The three children design was made for the common people, the five children design was made for people of a higher status (daimyo or lord and clan) and the seven children design was made for the shogun.

******************************************** MIKAWACHI-YAKI Mikawachi-yaki is actually from Nagasaki Prefecture and is considered as part of Hirado pottery, although it is usually grouped in the Arita catagory.There are several forms of pottery that fall under the Arita umbrella including: Arita, Imari, Hasami, Hizen, Okawachi, Nabeshima, Mikawachi or Hirado.Hasami and Mikawachi are actually in Nagasaki Prefecture.The sometsuke (blue and white) is most common but there are Karako designs in other colors as well, red being perhaps the second most common.This is a great book for identifying Fukagawa, Koransha and Seiji Kaisha during the Meiji period and into the first part of Taisho.

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While at the college, she was also a part of her college ‘s soccer team.