Am dating loser

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You will be answering questions about how they treat you and the others around you.

This quiz contains 20 questions and will give very accurate results about your lover.

There will also be questions about trust, behavior, their past and even reactions to breakups.

Your relationship may be very healthy or could be downright dangerous.

Similarly, a hot girl is not necessarily a beautiful girl.

To me, a woman of beauty possess not only the physical trait of a beautiful person but also the heart and embodiment of the female spirit.

This reflects a deeper problem of helplessness, so avoid at all costs.I understand I may be a little harsh but the truth is trust fund babies also have a huge problem – they don’t know how to survive without money from other people.A key trait of any good girl (Think Ivanka Trump) is the ability to protect and generate wealth. Kim Kardashian – I dont think she’s hot but a lot of people do) have it good because they can always marry a guy with money.And, as she gets older, the personification of female energy and charm only grows.So here are the 7 loser traits I’ve noticed that you want to avoid: Loser Trait #1: She’s got more than 2 kids and under 30. Usually, low income demographics have a higher chance of having kids when younger, but occasionally you get the very ambitious single mom with a kid from a previous relationship.

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Many college relationships are wasteful and potentially harmful and they hurt women more than they hurt men.

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