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Even though the traditions require women to be patient and respect their man, they still know their price.They are elegant, sophisticated good-looking ladies, who know how to make relationships work. It clearly sets gender roles and makes women follow a particular pattern. However, if you met a Muslim lady, you will have to convert to the religion.She owns the wisdom of being a decent wife - to listen, think, analyze and discuss, instead of arguing.Usually, Algerian women know what you are thinking about.Most women travel a lot and know a couple of foreign languages.Algerian ladies are often open-minded because lots of them come from mixed families.Men usually make all the decisions, sometimes they can ask for women opinion.Therefore women learn to trust and follow their man.

It is a home country of warm and kind brides, with whom relationships will last a lifetime. And if you are willing to start such an exotic adventure, here are the top facts to be aware of.Girls are taught to look after the house and family, cook, do household chores.Therefore, once they reached an age for marriage, they are capable of all the house issues.They become caring and devoted wives, who always support their husband.Algerian wife accepts all the decisions, rarely argues and especially starts fights.

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Moreover, it is a Muslim country, which requires women to follow traditions and behave accordingly.

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